"Mr. Seidel was my attorney for my divorce and contested Restraining Order. I was an abused woman with three children who obtained a Restraining Order against my husband. Oregon was my state of jurisdiction but I was not from there and had no family there. I met with Mr. Seidel explained my complex situation and retained him. After fleeing Oregon with my children to safety and family in my home state, my ex contested the Restraining Order. Mr. Seidel represented me at that hearing allowing me to appear via phone. My restraining order was upheld. My ex husband then filed for divorce. Again Mr. Seidel represented me for the entire divorce process. There were many issues that arose during this process for me due to my concern for my children and the continued harassment by my ex. Mr. Seidel and his understanding staff helped me immensely even though they themselves were being harassed and threatened by my ex. From start to finish my divorce took only 8 months. Thanks to Mr. Seidel's legal knowledge, I won every hearing we had. The Judge saw my ex as the abusive, scary person he was and thus severely limited his visitation for the children's protection and made provision for mine as well. In the end, I was awarded everything I asked for in the divorce. I truly feel my outcome would not have been as favorable if I'd had another attorney. Mr. Seidel fought for me and my children and he was on my side with my best interest in mind. I have unfortunately, gone trough the divorce process before and didn't have the same experience. I was in awe the first time I met with Mr. Seidel. Right away, I knew I was talking to a brilliant person. He knew the law inside and out! But what impressed me most was that he asked me what I wanted out of the divorce. He then proceeded to council me toward that goal never wavering or compromising my interests during the entire divorce process. If anyone is in need of an attorney; he's the one you want in your corner!"


"Mike was well prepared for my case, almost always available as the situation changed over the course of a couple months, and was empathetic to the situation at hand. He kept my priorities in mind, giving me every chance he could to see my child while my situation was unfolding, and even after the restraining order filed against me was dismissed. I highly recommend Mr. Seidel to anyone with a family law issue."


"We have used Mike Seidel as our attorney for a number of years, and as we have experienced several legal issues with our family, Mike has provided us with excellent legal representation.  In addition to the professional help he has provided, Mike has been compassionate and supportive to us when the legal issues have occurred.  A recent situation occurred this year in which we again needed legal help, and I called him the afternoon before a court appearance was required, and he fit us into his schedule and was in court the next morning to represent us.  Mike took the case and moved it through the system to a speedy dismissal.  Mike is our attorney to help us when needed, and we consider him a good friend of our family.  I would not hesitate for a second to refer Mike Seidel to anyone that is in need of excellent legal assistance. "


"I was so frightened and vulnerable. I was traumatized by a car accident and although I was not sited as being the party at fault, the other party involved was 'out for blood'. Mike coordinated my legal care, responding to numerous lawyers the other party kept trying to bring on board and running interference with insurance companies. I had never had any reason to need an attorney and I was strengthened by the fact that I was in knowledgeable, competent and compassionate hands. I am so glad Mike worked with me. In a perfect world, I wouldn't have needed a professional to represent me but the other party was so intensely hostile and I was so shaken up, having a great attorney made all the difference in my mental as well as my financial life. It's been a while since I've taken the time to say, "Thank you, Michael.".....Please consider it said."


"Mike Seidel is simply the most capable lawyer available. I have had previous mediocre experience with attorneys, who charge so much and accomplish so little. Mike works with you and is very fair financially. He is pleasant and calm, responsive and sharp. When you need a clear answer, he will talk you through the problem, go over all the possibilities, and help you discover the best course of action. He is so incredibly knowledgeable and reassuring, but doesn't offer false hope. He believes in his clients. He treats everyone with respect, and is patient when you feel like exploding. I would recommend him to anyone to help them through their most serious legal issues. He achieved results in our case that, truly, NO OTHER ATTORNEY would have been able to."


"Working with Seidel through a divorce was as good as it gets. He always maintained a respectful and civil demeanor with the other party and did not participate in mudslinging theatrics. Through his guidance and knowledge I learned to differentiate between issues that were negotiable and issues that required no budging. Divorce is never pleasant in and of itself, working with your attorney however should be. I fully recommend Seidel as a man of integrity."


"Mike, I love you!  That is true and to the point!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"