Let’s Get Real

About Michael W. Seidel

Mr. Seidel has been a resident of Bend, Oregon since 1968 when he moved to Bend from Missouri when he was 10 years old. His father worked for the Forest Service and his mother was a nurse at the Old St. Charles Hospital in downtown Bend. Mr. Seidel graduated from Bend Senior High School (then the only high school in Bend) in 1977. He worked at a lumber mill and a day care center after graduating high school. He has worked as a corrections deputy in the Deschutes County Jail and a drug and alcohol counselor. His work has made him sensitive to the concerns of blue collar workers making minimum wage and for parents struggling to provide quality child care. Mr. Seidel attended Central Oregon Community College and the University of Oregon, graduating with honors in 1983. He then attended Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland.

After graduating from law school and passing the bar Mr. Seidel moved back to his hometown. While he had traveled, Mr. Seidel never has found any place as beautiful as Bend. He set up his law practice and focused his practice on serving the needs of average persons. Mr. Seidel doesn’t represent the government or big corporations. He represents persons facing legal problems such as being accused of crimes and struggling to arrange custody, child support and parenting time with their children. People like you.

Mr. Seidel has argued, and won, cases before the Oregon Supreme Court, the Oregon Court of Appeals and Circuit Courts throughout Oregon. He has a goal of appearing at least once in every one of the 36 county courthouses in the State of Oregon. So far Mr. Seidel has achieved 26 of the counties. If you have a case in the following counties, Mr. Seidel will offer you a significant discount on your legal needs to help him attain his goal.

Malheur, Curry, Clatsop, Columbia, Hood River, Wasco, Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla, Wallowa

Mr. Seidel is married to his wonderful wife Linda and has children who attend school in the Bend/Lapine School District. He loves to ride his mountain bike on Phil’s Trail, works closely with the recovery community in Central Oregon, and goes to Eugene every year to cheer on the Oregon Ducks football team.

Our Philosophy

A Real Criminal Defense and Family Lawyer

I’m not a stuffed shirt. I always tell my clients the truth even though it may be bad news. I know how things work in the real world, in addition to the courtroom. I promise I will treat you with compassion and understanding. I also will treat everyone else with compassion and understanding, including the opposing party and their lawyer. If you want a shark who will be rude and cruel to the other side, look for someone else. I fight for you, be it for Child Custody, Alimony, DUII, a Driving Offense, etc. — But do so civilly and respectfully. You can usually catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

For Real People in Central Oregon

I don’t represent corporations. I don’t represent the government. I represent people like you; mothers, fathers, grandparents in Central Oregon from Mardras to Redmond, to Bend, to LaPine. I represent real people who get caught up in bad situations who need someone to be on their side and are seeking Family Law or Criminal Defense assitance. I represent people who are falsely accused of crimes that they didn’t do and I represent people accused of crimes they did do. From a Sex Offense to a Drug Offense, I represent people who made mistakes and who need a little, or a lot of help.

With Real Legal Problems

I represent parents who are fighting for their children, grandparents who need to protect their grandchildren. I represent individuals fighting for Alimony, Spousal Support after years of marriage. I represent people charged with DUII, misdemeanors, felonies, drug or sex crimes. These are all real problems. I don’t help corporations write their bylaws. I don’t defend insurance companies. I don’t draft legislation for the government. I help real people like you with the most important issues in your life: protecting your family and your freedom.