Child Support

Child Support

This is a general overview of child support in Oregon.

Child support in Oregon is based on the Oregon uniform child support guidelines, standardized tables which are applicable to many different cases.  Generally, a court or agency will take each party’s gross monthly income, combine it together and then use tables which say what the presumptive amount of child support should be based upon the parties combined incomes.  The guidelines calculate what the child support should be based on the number of children, with the non-custodial parent paying to the custodial parent based on non-custodial parent’s percentage of the total income.  Credit is given for either parent’s payment for health insurance for the children, for other children that either parent has from other relationships, and for any payment of spousal support.

Child support may be calculated by a court in the context of a divorce or custody matter, or it may be calculated administratively by the agency.  This happen most often when a separated mother or father asks the agency to obtain child support for him or her outside without having first filed a court proceeding.

Child support is generally paid through the Oregon Department of Justice, Child Support Division which provides accounting and enforcement services. Once the money is received from the non-custodial parent, the agency forwards the money to the custodial parent.  Occasionally child support may be paid directly by the paying parent to the receiving parent.

Oregon is different than the other 49 states, in that it allows children who are over the age of 18 or older to get child support if they are attending school.  In these cases, if the child is out of the custodial parent’s home, child support may be paid by the non-custodial parent directly to the child. Additionally both parents can be ordered to pay child support to the child attending school.

Child support for a child attending school may be ordered by a court only up to 21 years of age.

There are many complicating factors however, that go in to child support. Issues such as self-employment, rebuttals to income and factoring in credits for parenting time can greatly alter the child support figure.  It is important to consult with an expert in child support calculations before you determine what should be paid. If you live in Bend, La Pine, or any region of Central Oregon and think you need help with Child Support, or would simply like to set up an initial consultation, please contact me.